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"I enjoy performing my own songs publicly, playing my keyboard and encouraging audience participation with some songs, using song-sheets. Yet I'd specially like  my songs to have the dynamic attention of varied performers and productions! Hence...... "

The Anne Seagull Songbook has 101 original songs – arty-pop, lyrical, melodic and neo-classic, all crying out for varied performers and different dynamic productions – from acoustic guitar to bands, orchestra, choirs or even mountain top timpani.

There are 10 albums, plus two compilation albums, and professional manuscripts for other performers, ( manuscripts courtesy the wonderful transcribers Liz Ryder and Terry Campbell). Whilst I enjoy performing myself, playing my small Yamaha keyboard (called Yamahal), and seek promotion and sponsorship internationally – my ultimate goal, dear viewer, is for varied performances of my songs by others.

There are pretty melodies, clear structures, and masses of life-romantic song themes – love and romance, friendship, trust, betrayal, hope, loss and comfort, the circus, campfire story, peace songs, the sea, humanity, momma, our ancestors, animals, truth, nostalgia, reconciliation, God, the people’s song, memory, cars, more love, and many more – with some progress drum rolling themes for the new millennium. 

These are the album titles:

    •    Bridge Of Trust (10 songs)


    •    The Game Of Our Lives (10 songs)


    •    Familiar Shades (10 songs)


    •    Momma’s Pearls (10 songs)


    •    French Smiles (10 songs)


    •    The Merrygoround (10 songs)


    •    Truth, Never Lies (10 songs)


    •    Animal Suits (10 songs)


    •    When I Think Of You. (10 songs)


    •    The Rainbow Danced. (11 songs plus one extra)


    Plus 2 compilation albums (from songs on the above albums)
    •    The E E Cummings Collection – songs of the poems of e e                       cummings (10 songs)


    •    The Humanity Songs – humanitarian themes  compiled during the 2012 Olympics, my personal little effort for global harmony, includes a second version of Everyone’s An Ambassador/Running in the human race (10 songs)


Links to Songs and Manuscripts

Bridge of Trust (Complete Album)

Song:                                                            Time:

1.   Bridge Of Trust                                        4:33
2.   Everyone's An Ambassador                     2:43
3.   Harlequin                                                 3:15
4.   Ice Cream Parlour Dream                        2:55
5.   Gwiny Piny                                             3:45
6.   Pass The Buck                                         3:47
7.   Time Passes In Green                              4:19
8.   No More War                                          3:17
9.   Peace Anthem                                          2:31
10. The Silence                                              2:47

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The People's Song    YouTube Video   Manuscript
Youtube version of The People's Song, a wonderful production
by Terry Campbell, Notation Services.

Sample manuscripts from Anne's collection:

Oh Perversity - Oh My Days - Earthling Despoiler - God - HaikuesqueThere's A Sad and Lonely Soldier - Truth Never Lies

My 10 humanity songs manuscripts are free of charge.